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Independant research has indicated that the LDPE carrier bag is the most sustainable carrier bag.

Why choose for a plastic carrier bag?

Life Cycle Analysis from various independent sources, including the  Ministry of environment and food of Denmark, the Northern Ireland Assembly or the UK environmental assembly are very clear: Plastic carrier bags have the lowest environmental foodprint, ánd  can be re-used over and over again. This research has also been reconfirmed in the Netherlands by analysis of various Universities, the KIDV and TNO as well the popular TV programme RADAR who aired a special item on this topic.   The Polyethylene carrier bag has a lower environmental footprint than paper, cotton or bio-degradable plastics. In 2007 there already was the Boustead report (USA), which compares material use and energy use for producing bags. The CO2 footprint can be lowered even further by using bio-based ingredients or recycled materials. LDPE bags are furthermore sturdy and strong and can be used multiple times. Key to remember- when the bag is being disposed of, please do so properly. By recycling plastics we are closing the the loop, saving virgin raw materials, CO2 as well as giving value to waste, making sure valuable raw materials don’t end as litter.