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Managing Director Patrick Jansen
Commercial Director Ronald Oud
Field Sales DE/AU/CH Reiner Sperling
Field Sales EN/NL Rogier Hertogh
Field Sales NL Kenny Schrooijesteijn
Teamleader Back Office Sales Vera de Winkel
Back Office Sales Willy Boelsz-Sier
Back Office Sales Ilse van Rijn
Back Office Sales Cemre Sinikci
Back Office Sales Dorien de Vries
Administration Miriam Laan
Creditor Administration
Logistics Lasse Vellinga
HR Wendy Schouten
Procurement Perry Ton
QHSE Coordinator Mario van Norden
Quality and Development Marcel Veltenaar
Production Manager Frans Pickkers
Technical Deparment Onne Mellenbergh
phone number: email address:
0031 (0)299-360011
0031 (0)299-360017
0049-2166 1280 911
0031 (0)6 5311 0130
0031 (0)6 1055 5699
0031 (0)299-360015
0031 (0)299-360050
0031 (0)299-360050
0031 (0)299-360050
0031 (0)299-360050
0031 (0)299-360007
0031 (0)299-360042
0031 (0)299-360004
0031 (0)299-360024
0031 (0)299-360025
0031 (0)299-360022
0031 (0)299-360020
0031 (0)299-360012

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