Fardem Packaging's Extrusion

At Fardem Packaging, we produce flexible film packaging with passion. The blowing of the film is done at the extrusion department. Polyethylene granulates are poured into a cylinder through a funnel, and heated. Within that cylinder, the melted mixture is forced through an orifice by a rotating propeller, after which the film is blown outwards, in the shape of a balloon. After it has cooled down, the rollers flatten the film to a double layer.


Next, there are various options for additions in or on the film.

  1. Printing
    Fardem Packaging has access to 12 inline printing machines that can print up to 8 colors. It is also possible to apply a lacquer coating, in order to enhance the friction and scratch resistance of the print.
  2. Perforating and Punching
    Holes can be made in the film. The options for the size of the holes vary from 0.04mm to 3cm.
  3. Embossing
    Applying relief to the surface of the film, to improve the friction.
  4. Folding
    Through so-called side gusset blades, a side gusset can be made.
  5. Flat film
    A flattened tubular film can be cut up into 2 separate strips of flat film. Afterwards, the film is rolled up around a PVC or carton core. Now the film is ready for further processing.

Fardem Packaging has a modern machine pool with various extruders. On a number of these machines, coex film can be produced as well. This is a type of film consisting of multiple layers. An example is the film used to package potting soil. The inside of potting soil packaging is often black, because it needs to be lightproof. The outside is often white, in order to be able to print a nice design. Each layer of film has its specific properties. When choosing the composition of the film, the unique circumstances at the end user’s are taken into account. To this end, Fardem Packaging uses a mix of polyethylene (PE) types, masterbatches, and additives. Each raw material has its own function, and all together they partly determine the final properties of the film. Thanks to this variety of possibilities there is a solution for each application. You can rest assured that Fardem Packaging is always well informed concerning the most recent developments in the field of raw materials and machines, in order to be able to fulfil all your wishes, even in the long term.

The employees of the extrusion department work in 5-team shifts. Our technical service keeps the machine pool up to date. This enables us to guarantee our excellent quality.

A strong team of packaging producers

Fardem Packaging produces and supplies a full range of specialized, flexible films and packaging in plastic variants. Fardem Packaging is part of the OPACKGROUP: seven manufacturers, ten production sites, independent research lab, inhome reprographics and more than 750 professionals with huge experience! We would like to unburden you; from design to packaging production and implementation.

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In our digital product environment; innovation and sustainability meet in the diverse range of flexible custom packaging solutions.

With a balanced mix of knowledge and passion for the packaging product, we specialize in developing advanced packaging solutions which not only meet but exceed the demands of today’s dynamic markets!

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In our digital market environment, visitors have reached the destination for customized packaging solutions in a broad spectrum of sectors. We divide these into main areas food, non-food and agri/horticulture.

Discover our, and OPACKGROUP’s detailed market selections meticulously tailored to specific industry needs. With a focus on customization and innovation, you will discover the perfect packaging solutions uniquely designed for your business.

Experience our expertise in packaging for different markets – your journey to customized solutions starts here!

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Meet Fardem’s and OPACKGROUP’s solutions: our online hub – dedicated to the unique properties of packaging. Discover innovative, sustainable customized solutions for a variety of industries. Consider flexible packaging options designed for ultimate product protection and environmental responsibility.

Help us shape a greener, more efficient future – together we can make IMPACT! A few examples:

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