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Business definition
Fardem Packaging BV produces and supplies a complete range of special, flexible single or multiple layered synthetic foils and packaging. Our market consists of worldwide B2B markets of food, non-food, packing industry, wholesalers, retail businesses and the horticulture supply sector. Our technology is the production and the trade in flexible synthetic foils and packaging.

Mission statement
Fardem Packaging BV is a reliable manufacturer of and partner for high quality, special packaging and foils. Its turnover of products is based on continuity and long-term partnership with its suppliers and its clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility has become a basic principle for the operational management of Fardem Packaging. We are aware of the social responsibility we have as a company. Therefore, sustainable production is paramount. We formulate annual environmental plans. We also participate in the Multi-Year Agreement 3 (MJA3) covenant that obliges us to reduce our energy consumption.

Fardem Packaging BV increasingly sells its products to the food industry, so its clients must be able to trust that Fardem Packaging makes every effort to produce under 100% consumer-safe conditions, minimally complying with the applicable statutory stipulations.