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Fardem Packaging has the following quality certificates:


Over the past few years, Fardem Packaging BV has undergone tremendous growth, thanks in particular to the wide range of things we have been doing in the field of corporate social responsibility. In a rapidly-changing world, supplying a high-quality, technically sound product alone is no longer a guarantee for business continuity in the short or long term. In order to guarantee the company’s sustained success, the so-called ‘COMBI Care System’ has been put in place – COMBI care for safety, the environment and the quality of the product, the organisation and its staff.

Care for safety and health
Safety, health and well-being are taken into consideration at all times, and are just as fundamental as production, cost and quality.

Care for the environment
We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment through efficiency measures and improvements to our products and manufacturing processes.

Care for the product
We ensure that our products comply with both the legal requirements and those of the customer. Fardem Packaging BV’s customers need to be able to trust that their requirements will be met, with care and as agreed, with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction.

Care for the organisation
The various departments within our organisation work together to deliver a first-rate product. The organisation aims to keep on improving the product in every way.

Care for our staff
The organisation will inform and train its employees so that they will be able to grow and develop to their fullest potential, and make an increasingly substantial contribution to Fardem Packaging BV’s success.
This COMBI care must be guaranteed, so that Fardem Packaging BV’s stakeholders can trust that their requirements will be met with the utmost care and as agreed. The COMBI care will, at the very least, fully comply with the legal requirements and the requirements of the customer. The COMBI Care System will also be assessed by an external certification body for compliance with the requirements of the ISO9001-2008 standard.

Safety policy and targets
Fardem Packaging BV wants its employees to ensure that the safety of company staff and any third parties is, to the fullest extent possible, guaranteed at all times. Safety considerations are just as important as economic considerations in our work.
By using the documented COMBI Care System, Fardem Packaging aims to:

  • prevent personal injury;
  • prevent damage to property;
  • constantly improve working conditions.


Environmental policy and targets
There are no circumstances in which Fardem Packaging BV is willing for the environment to suffer unacceptable damage as a result of its business activities. Care for the environment is one of Fardem Packaging BV’s key priorities. Environmental considerations are at least as important as economic ones.
By using the documented COMBI Care system, Fardem Packaging aims to:

  • prevent uncontrolled emissions into the environment;
  • reduce existing emissions;
  • prevent the unnecessary use of energy.


Food safety policy and targets
Fardem Packaging BV looks to be able to guarantee the food safety of the products manufactured by Fardem at all times. Public and animal health are the top priority at all times. This is also necessary from an economic perspective, as more and more customers place high requirements on products that are used in the food industry and the animal-feed sector.
By using the documented COMBI Care System, Fardem Packaging aims to:

  • avoid the use of any materials that pose a food safety risk in and on the film;
  • be able to fully trace the origins of raw materials and production data;
  • prevent unwanted migrations through simulation tests;
  • maintain and monitor order and tidiness in the workplace, in accordance with the agreements that have been made,
  • comply with the BRC Packaging Global Standards.


Fardem Packaging BV seeks to manufacture and supply products in accordance with a comprehensive quality-control system. Because the food and pharma industry is responsible for a growing proportion of our sales, it is important that our products comply with the BRC Packaging-standard. This industry works with the BRC Packaging/ Packaging Materials Standard. Our BRC Packaging/ Packaging Materials quality-control system is audited every year by an external agency. The certificate obtained serves as a guarantee that our products are manufactured responsibly.

All OPACKGROUP companies are members of EFTA Benelux, an industry association for companies specialising in flexographic printing. Click here for more information.