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Fardem Packaging BV manufactures flexible film packaging. The film is blown at the extrusion department. Polyethylene pellets are poured into a cylinder through a funnel and heated up. In the cylinder, a turning screw pushes the melted mass through an opening, after which the film is blown upwards like a balloon. Once cooled down, presses flatten the film into a double layer, after which the film is rolled up. The film is now ready for further processing.

Fardem Packaging BV uses sophisticated machinery and various extruders. Coex film can be produced on a number of these machines. Coex is a multi-layered film. One example of this product is the foil used for compost bags. The lining of compost packaging is often black, as it has to be lightproof. The outside is often white, making it possible to print beautiful images on the packaging. Each layer of film has its own qualities.

The people at our extrusion department work in 5 shifts and follow a thorough internal training programme. Our engineering department keeps all the machinery up-to-date and any breakdowns are resolved fast. This enables us to safeguard our excellent quality.