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Corporate Social Responsibility

All companies in the OPACKGROUP have signed the self-declaration ISO26000. ISO26000 is an international guideline for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility is an important part of the business operations of OPACKGROUP and the companies that are part of it, these being: Oerlemans Plastics (Genderen and Giessen), Plasthill (Hillegom), Perfon (Goor), Fardem Packaging (Edam), OPI (Oosterwolde) and Flexpak (Geldermalsen). The signed self-declaration is examined and evaluated on the basis of the process that is described in NPR 9026+C1:2012. It indicates that corporate responsibility is being applied within the organisation.

The Self-Declaration came into being in cooperation with the NRK (The Federation that represents the interests of the Dutch Rubber and Plastic Industry).
Since 2013, the NRK started the Corporate Social Responsibility project in accordance with ISO 26000. OPACKGROUP undertook this CSR project with a number of companies in the sector. Following the ISO 26000 gives structure to the CSR policy in the organisation. Various stakeholders were involved in the NRK project. The 7 core themes of ISO26000 were covered in consultation with customers, suppliers, employees and the surroundings. These core themes are: Administration of the organisation – The environment – Honest business practice – Human rights – Consumer opportunities – Labour practice – Social involvement.

All core themes are irrevocably linked to each other within the business operations of the organisations. At OPACKGROUP companies a great deal of attention is devoted to health and safety issues. This has everything to do with the health and safety of the employees. The health and safety policy and also the environment are also reflected in the CSR policy. OPACKGROUP companies have been extremely innovative in the field of the development of sustainable packaging solutions for many years: thickness reducing packaging, compostable packaging, bio-based packaging are just a few examples of this.

Corporate Social Responsibility according to ISO26000.