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On our state-of-the-art 7-layer extruder line, Fardem Packaging is capable of fabricating barrier films for industrial use. By means of adding EVOH or PA, Fardem Packaging can make a flexible PE film with barrier against oxygen or moisture. The film is then suitable to be used to pack materials, which are subject to decay / oxidation, or which are sensitive to moisture. Possible materials could be food(-ingredients), moisture-sensitive chemicals, etc.

These films can be manufactured as tubular film or as flat film. The tubular foil can be provided with a print-design up to 8 colours. If a flat film is desired, this can be printed to a maximum of 4 colours. Of course the foil can be manufactured in various thicknesses, and with optional embossing, gussets etc.

Please let us know your specific requirements for your barrier film, and we will make a tailor-made offer for you! If the product you are looking for is not in the list, please contact Ronald Oud.