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We produce webshopbags in all types and sizes. PE is extremely suitable for the shipment of goods by mail or parcel service. PE is light and adapts its shape.

Features of our webshopbags

The webshopshopbags that we make have the following features:
  • A flexible packaging for items ordered on-line.
  • For easy shipping for you and the consumer.
  • In addition to shipping packaging, also an advertising cover by printing on the surface.

Versions of our webshopbags

The webshopbags that we make are available in the following versions:
  • Film qualities
    • LDPE clear transparent
    • LDPE coloured
    • LDPE coex black/white
  • Adhesive strip
    • Resealable
    • Permanent
    • Double adhesive strip, for returns
  • Loose - on block – single valve – double valve – handle
  • Printed from 5000 pieces
  • Printing up to 10 colours Flexo printing
  • Various sizes available from stock, and every size and thickness possible
  • Fast delivery time

Application options of our webshopbags

The webshopbags that we make are suitable for the following application options:
  • Mail packaging
  • Shipment packaging
  • Webshop Packaging
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